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The importance of Rest | 7 Years of EWAD UK

As a part of our 7 year anniversary blog theme this post focuses on the importance of rest in maintaining your wellbeing.

It can be very difficult to take out time to rest. This is especially true in such a fast paced society where we can easily get lost in the hamster wheel of life. However, you also need to prioritise your health, so take care of your body, mind and spirit.

In pigin English, we have a saying that " if life dey show you pepper, abeg carry am do pepper soup".

The importance of rest:

  1. Rest is good for your mental health.

  2. Rest increases concentration and improves your memory.

  3. Rest improves mood, reduce stress and promote better metabolism.

  4. Rest promotes a healthy immune system.

  5. Rest improves productivity

  6. Rest enhances decision making

  7. Rests boosts creativity

Sleep is also important in taking time out to rest. Did you know that the average adult needs 7-9 hours sleep per night?

Other restful techniques include

  1. Practicing gratitude: positive thoughts and a grateful mind can boost overall stisfaction

  2. Take deep breaths

  3. Cultivate healthy habits: stretching, yoga, general excercise

  4. Practice sleep hygiene: optimise sleep schedule, have a pre-bed routine, this can make quality sleep automatic

Try adding these restful techiques to your daily routine.

In 2022, I encourage you to consider this essential but often neglected aspect of life. Take time out for yourself! Take time out to relax!

Remember, if you die, the hassle no go stop!


Cordelia Amaechi Eze


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