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International Week Of Happiness at Work

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Work. We can tend to get consumed by our daily routine and forget to appreciate the little things in life. It is easy to get lost on the hamster wheel and forget about our own wellbeing. This week was international week of happiness at work and should allow us to reflect on whether we are working towards a more positive state of wellbeing inside and outside of the workplace.

Happiness in the work place embodies a feeling of satisfaction and can be simplified to an employee enjoying what they do. However, this definition can make it seem difficult to reach practically. It can seem like a privilege to work in the field you initially intended to be in. Whether your work is permanent, or a temporary bridge to another job, this shouldn't stop you from improving your workplace wellbeing. The happiness of an individual at work is tied to better health, a reduction of stress levels and also higher productivity. Happiness at work is not just for the larger organisation, but it is also for you as an individual.

Several factors contribute to the happiness in the workplace; some of which are:

  1. Good/excellent remuneration: Many would agree that it is important that we are paid appropriately for the work we do.

  2. Good leader/boss: Good leadership can make or break a team. It is this that can help add a sense of direction through your daily tasks.

  3. Freedom: To an extent a lot of us want the freedom to carry out our roles with the expertise we have.

  4. Healthy work/life balance: This is essential. We all need a space to relieve the stress that inevitably builds up after a days work. Devotion to the cause is honourable but it should not come at the cost of your sanity. Take time out for your self, to relax and blow off steam. Your ability to produce work of a higher quality will multiply when you allocate sufficient time to rest.

  5. Positivity: This is essential for happiness in AND outside of work. Let us be grateful for what we do have. Let us look at the positives and find solutions for what is lacking. Positivity will help you move forward. Negativity can often lead you into a sinking hole.

  6. The assurance of job security: Whether your job is based on a contract, whether you freelance, or have your own business, it is nice to know that you will get paid for the work you do. Some have a more steady stream of income than others, however the assurance that you have a job can help improve the happiness of many workers.

Happiness in the workplace is not a mirage, but is practical and tangible virtue. Breaking down this concept can make a happier work life more achievable. Loving the job you do is a great first step but finding ways to love the role you play in your team can also put you on the path towards workplace happiness.

Happiness at work week may be at an end for this year, but it is still imperative that we work to find ways to increase our happiness during work over the long term.


Lolo Joan Ugochinyere Chukwu-Etu

Vice President of Ebonyi State Union


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