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Happy 7th Anniversary EWAD!! | 7 Years of EWAD UK

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Monday 28th February was our 7th year anniversary!! Through the next 7 days we want to celebrate all EWAD members for their amazing work. From the daily tasks within their families, tasks within the workplace and the goals which we have accomplished as a community.

EWAD is not just a collection of individuals. EWAD is a community of inspirational, resilient, innovative and passionate women with shared local and international goals. These past few years have highlighted what is truly important in life and how much we need each other.

We want to thank our supporters, those from similar and different walks of life that have helped EWAD grow over the past 7 years. Thank you, to those attending our events, those providing donations, those providing us with information and those silent supporters. We appreciate you!

Over the next 7 days we will celebrate through daily blog posts cantering around our growth so far, our events, our members, our culture and our hopes for the future of. EWAD.

Join us in celebrating our journey but also in looking forward to our future!

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