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The EWAD UK Community | 7 years of EWAD UK

EWAD is a community. We have grown in trust and friendship over out last 7 years. Aside from the projects we work towards to help others we also spend time together Through our annual meetings we have gotten to know each other, laughed danced and enjoyed each others company.

Our members are beautiful women inside and out. Over the last 7 years our members have celebrated multiple events in their lives, such as birthday parties, wedding anniversaries and so much more. We are honoured when our members invite us to their own individual celebrations.

Over the last 7 years EWAD has also planned time for realaxation. Our members attended a relaxing weekend away in which they received spa treatment, ate dinner and bonded.

These are just some of the moments we've shared thoughout the last 7 years. We hope to make many more special and unforgettable memories together.

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