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An Igbo Saying to start off the New Year.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Happy New Year everyone! 2022 is here and we hope that you are all having a great start to your year. This year we hope you experience positivity and growth. To start this new year our first blog post is centred on an a wise Igbo saying centred around forgiveness and being free.

“He that holds another to the floor is also holding himself.”


This proverb narrates a situation in which an individual punishes a victim. It describes a scenario in wrestling where the stronger fighter holds the weaker one to the floor. It further explains that whoever denies the other his freedom, also denies his own freedom as he spends his time restraining the other person.

The implications can be found throughout life. To hold someone down can be burdensome and cause more pain. So let go of the weight, let go of the burden.

Moral of the Proverb.

It is not wise to be vindictive against someone. It is also not acceptable to take advantage of someone’s weakness to intimidate him.

Suggested advice:

We should always show love with kindness, through our actions. This attitude can manifest and lead to high quality freedom in our lives.

Biblical words summarised:

Ndi Rom 12:19. Ndi mhuru nanya, unu abolara onwe unu obo, kama charanu iwe ahu uzo.


Grace Ama

EWAD Member

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