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World Humanitarian day 2021 #thehumanrace

Today on world humanitarian day we want to highlight the global impact of climate change on human welfare. It is widely known that conflict, political unrest, healthcare emergencies and population displacement have perpetuated human suffering. However, the impact of climate change is often underestimated. Rising temperatures, rising sea levels and changes in rainfall have a direct impact on human health through spread of disease. Such environmental changes have a huge health impact and the potential to worsen inequalities worldwide. Whilst we are often consumed by our own individual lives it is important to remember our most vulnerable worldwide.

The domino effect of these changes make it even more pertinent that we work together to prevent further damage. Through a unified effort we can encourage our leaders to create policies aimed to prevent the further destruction of our planet Earth. Moreover we can hold our leaders accountable to implement positive change through local and international action.

Finally, to be a humanitarian embodies the qualities of compassion, altruism and generosity with a core focus on the promotion of human welfare. We all have a part to play in protecting the Earth and our future. Therefore it is essential that we work together to enact change, not only in our local communities but also internationally through team work, organisation and commitment.

This is a call to action. YOU can protect the Earth. YOU can protect #thehumanrace.

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Dr Oby O. Enwo

Academic Foundation Doctor

BSc Hons. MBBS

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