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The passing of Queen Elizabeth II

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Throughout this past week many have mourned the loss of Queen Elizabeth II.

Some of our members shared some thoughts about the late Queen Elizabeth II.

"Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has inspired me in a lot of ways, the most important for me being her DIGNITY & COURAGE in accepting to be Queen at a very young age after the sudden death of her father." -Tina Oby-Onyia

"I was amazed to see the queen change the tyres of a military truck in an old video!!! It got me thinking 🤔. I need to learn how to change the tyres of my car" - Caroline Okoro

"Even though she was THE QUEEN, she showed a lot humility in learning from those that knew more than her in subjects and areas she knew very little about. Although I never met her in person, one thing many of those that met her had to say was that, she had a way of making people feel at ease in her presence. That's an attribute not many world leaders have, and those that have it done always like to show it." -Irene Okoro

"Her Majesty's humility,service to nations and the country cannot be forgotten.Her Christmas broadcast in 2014 was such a lovely message of reconciliation.she was an asset to her realm. And demonstrated humility kindness and uniqueness in her reign." Ngozi Ekomaru

"Queen Elizabeth has inspired me by her sacrifice for a nation and a people. Her ability to adapt to change whilst still maintaining standards meant she was ever relevant. She was not ashamed of her faith. Talk about beauty and brains..She will be missed." - Elizabeth Umoke

"Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was dedicated and hard working. Even on her dying bed she was able empower the new MP. May her sole rest in peace" -Joan Chukwu

"I loved the stability Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II represented to the country. I also loved the twinkle in her eyes whenever she was enjoying something, it made me feel like there was something only her knew. She was a real queen 👸 and an Amazon of a woman 👩. She transcended time and will be greatly missed." -Lois Okoro

"For me the Queens ability to adapt to different situations.

Her personal life was quite turbulent but she always stood strong.

She believed in her faith and the God she served.

Being female did not deter her.

Being small and petite did not deter her either!

She was well traveled and had style in her dresses.

All to match, her quote I heard was , you have to be seen to be believed!

A wonderful role model in certain aspects and still had her children and grandchildren.

Family and duty meant the world to her.

Throughout her reign, she was interested in other people and cultures. She was always willing to learn something new!

She had a lovely smile 😀 with her tough upper lip. She loved and respected her husband.

I will definitely miss having a Queen 🤔

May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace 🙏". - Stella Obasi

"To me, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is an example of Focus to Purpose.

She was born into a Purpose, she live the Purpose even to the end, this ignoring every distraction and in the end Purposely fulfilled." -Cordelia Amaechi Eze

"I admire her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for her patience. Even when she and the royal family are criticised, you never heard her complain or lash out at any one. Rather she tended to learn from her mistakes most times." -Lois Enwo

"Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne at a very young age but showed maturity, character, determination, and commitment of the highest order which has made her one of the longest-reigning monarchs in the world. She is a star." -Chizara Phillips

These are just some of the thoughts of EWAD ladies about the late Queen Elizabeth II.


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