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EWAD at ESU Scholarship and Fundraising event

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

The ladies of EWAD UK were invited to dance at the Ebonyi state union event

On August 10th 2019 the Ebonyi State Union held an entertaining and motivating fundraising event.

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." ―Mohammed Ali

Ebonyi State Union held this fun event were guests of all ages, ate, danced and helped fundraise for improtant projects. Our very own Mrs Stella Obasi MC'd the event alongside MC Ambassador Tee. This was a fun filled night, were guests were able to dance, eat , network and learn about Ebonyi State Culture. DJ Ify was able to fill the night with a combination of traditional and modern afrobeat music that guests could enjoy and appreciate. The party food for this event was provided by Lady Tee's Kitchen and in order to share traditional Ebonyi state dishes there was stand with traditional Ebonyi state food for all guests to taste. The Entertainment included dances from the Adanta dance group and EWAD dance troupe

EWAD Dance Troupe

The talented dancers of EWAD choreograoed a wonderful traditional dance piece. This beautiful and well coordinated dance was very entertaining to watch. We commend our members ofor their commitment to practice and puting this dance together.

Scholarship fundraising

This event was a wonderful way of raising money fr

Overall we congratulate ESU on holding a successful event that brought all of us together, allowed us to fundraise and meet new people. See our photo gallery for a glimpse of the nights events.


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